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Our services to help make
car buying and selling a breeze

carsales has brought together all the tools to help you buy,
sell and own a car with peace of mind.

Ditch the hassle with carsales PayProtect – the safe and secure way to transact online.

Our payment platform allows car buyers and sellers to negotiate safely with the knowledge that funds are held securely by a brand you trust.

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Take the guess work out of buying a used car and get a pre-purchase inspection so you can buy with confidence.

RedBook’s mobile specialist mechanics provide comprehensive vehicle inspections right across Australia.

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Don’t risk buying a car with an unknown past, get a CarFacts vehicle report.

Every report will check if the car has been stolen, written off or has finance owing. Where available the report will also tell you if an odometer has been wound back.

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Protect yourself from large out of pocket expenses with a RedBook Warranty.

Even the most reliable of cars can break down when you least expect it. With an extended warranty you can feel at ease knowing you are covered.

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